Members of the Middelburg Chamber of Commerce and Industry can now enjoy the full benefit of the subsidised services of the National Cleaner Production Centre South Africa (NCPC-SA), including energy and water efficiency and waste exchange through industrial symbiosis.

The Chamber has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with the NCPC-SA to work together to help members improve their efficiency and sustainability over the next two year. The NCPC-SA supports industry through a variety of projects and programmes that deliver resource efficiency and cleaner production methodologies in industrial and selected commercial sectors.

The new partnership will be introduced to members at a workshop on 31 August 2021. The NCPC-SA will provide information on how members can access the support and services offered by NCPC-SA.

One of the key offerings in the province is the Mpumalanga Industrial Symbiosis Programme, which the NCPC-SA runs in in collaboration with the Mpumalanga Department of Economic Development and Tourism. The MISP is a provincial initiative to create economic opportunities whilst improving the management of industry waste.

The programme makes use of the industrial symbiosis approach, where unused resources of one company are recovered and reused by another. The approach not only supports the development of a circular economy in the Mpumalanga, but it also diverts waste from landfill and creates business opportunities for local entrepreneurs or waste solution providers.

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