Case studies

The National Cleaner Production Centre South Africa has performed a number of assessments. Some of these assessments have been implemented by the companies and captured in the form of case studies – an approach where there is an in-depth study – of the interventions implemented. The case study also captures actual savings that have been verified.

List of Case Studies:

Company/ plant name Intervention Type Sector
PQ Silicas IEE Manufacturing
Woodlands Dairy EnMS Agro-processing
PPC de Hock EnMS Cement Manufacturing
Toyota  Boshuku IEE Manufacturing
Atlantis Foundry IEE Metals
Dixon Battery IEE Chemicals
!Kheis Municipality IEE Government
NMBM Municipality IEE Government
Mr Price Group IEE Commercial Buildings
Tiger Brands – Tastic Rice IEE Food Manufacturing
Unilever Indonsa Facility IEE Food Manufacturing
Haygrove – Heaven Farm IEE Agriculture
Dippenaar Choice Fruit – Leerkrans IEE Agriculture
Eberspaecher South Africa (ESA) IEE Automotive
Belgotex CASO Clothing and Textile
Hesto Harness IEE Automotive
Castle Lead Works EnMS Metals
Zimalco IEE Manufacturing
Excellent Holdings (Pty) Ltd RECP Agro-processing
Adamsons Furniture RECP Furniture Manufacturing
Brooklyn Mall RECP commercial buildings
Elgin Fruit Juice IWE Agro-processing
Tiger Brands Tastic Rice IWE Agro-processing
Belgotex Floors LCM Textiles
KWAY Manufacturers LCM Textiles
 Aspen Pharmacare LCM  Chemicals
RECP and LCA best practice: Journey of Van Dyck Floors LCM  Textiles
Isiltuli Group ISP Manufacturing
Citiq (EKhaya Junction Residence) ISP Waste Management
Niravkumar Motor Spares ISP Waste Management