Courses offered

The NCPC-SA offers training at Introductory, End User and Expert level, and training courses have been designed to provide a comprehensive learning pathway for those wishing to develop expertise in the field.

End User Training
The End User training will provide technical professionals with the knowledge and tools necessary to initiate resource efficient and cleaner production (RECP), energy management systems (EnMS) and energy systems optimisation (ESO) interventions, as well as a holistic understanding of the benefits and processes of RECP, EnMS and ESO.

Expert Level Training

Delegates wishing to progress to Expert Level (when social distancing permits) will need to complete and pass the test at conclusion of the End User training. This test, together with the successfully completed Energy Management 101 course and screening of a candidate’s CV for their suitability will constitute the requirements to enter the relevant Expert Level programme.

The following training courses are currently being offered online:

Learning Pathways

Training in Resource Efficiency and Cleaner Production (RECP)

RECP training is based on the UNIDO/UNEP toolkit and equips trainees with the skills required to conduct RECP assessments and implementation in companies. RECP methodologies include the analysis of raw materials, water, waste and energy consumption and identification of resource efficiency opportunities.

Resource Efficient and Cleaner Production (RECP)

Energy Performance Measurement Indicators

Energy Management 101

Sustainable Finance

Training in Energy Management System (EnMS) – based on ISO50001

Energy Management Systems training programme
Presents a methodological, organised approach to managing energy usage, based on the SANS/ISO50001 standard. It is aimed at individuals who are responsible for developing and implementing energy management systems in companies.

Energy Management System Implementation

Training in Industrial Energy System Optimisation (ESO)

Energy Systems Optimisation training programmes
Include courses on a number of energy systems, including Compressed Air, Fans, Pumps, Steam and Motors. They combine theoretical and practical components as well as appropriate software toolkits.

Compressed Air System Optimisation

Motor System Optimisation

Pump System Optimisation

Steam System Optimisation

Fans System Optimisation

Large scale Cooling and Industrial Refrigeration System Optimisation

Power Quality Training

The Fundamental Principles of Power Quality is presented as an end-user course for delegates with a basic knowledge of electrical systems, and will cover standards in power quality, regional regulatory practices, rights of users and obligations of utilities, and a legal perspective to protecting users of electrical energy.

Power Quality Principles

Renewable Energy Training

Include courses on a number of renewable energy sources, including Biogas, Solar Thermal and Hydrogen.  They combine theoretical and practical components as well as appropriate software toolkits.

Biogas Systems Optimisation

Water System Optimisation (WSO) End-User Training Course

Due to climate change and population growth, there is an increasing demand on scarce water resources. Subsequently, the Water System Optimisation (WSO) End-User course has been developed to ensure adequate resource management and environmental as well as economic sustainability. The NCPC-SA developed two courses in the fields of bulk water services optimisation and industrial water system optimization. These courses will be delivered back-to-back, and candidates can elect to attend either one or both courses.

The Bulk Water System Optimisation (BWSO)

Industrial Water System Optimisation (IWSO)