About Us

Welcome to the online home of the NCPC-SA

The National Cleaner Production Centre, South Africa (NCPC-SA) has worked to serve South African industry and government, as well as the global sustainable development community, since September 2002.

Our team is passionate about equipping industry and individuals to become more resource efficient, environmentally aware global citizens who apply circular thinking to every aspect of their business.

We are a national support programme, hosted and managed by South Africa’s leading research and innovation organization, the Council for Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR). We are thus not a business, and not for profit. We are a national asset, and operate according to stringent policy and ethical guidelines.

Our mandate is to “drive the transition of South African industry towards a green economy through appropriate resource efficient and cleaner production interventions.”

We do this through services to industry that focus on three main areas: technical advice and support; green skills development; and awareness-raising to demonstrate the real impact of RECP.

If at any time you have questions not covered on these pages, contact our us on ncpc@csir.co.za for more information.

“Resource Efficient and Cleaner Production (RECP)”

A systematic and integrated approach to managing energy, water, environmental and financial resources, eliminating or minimising waste and emissions to the environment, on a sustainable and cost-effective basis.