17 February – Industrial Water Efficiency Workshop (Tools and Guides)

The National Cleaner Production Centre South Arica (NCPC-SA) invites you to an industrial water efficiency online workshop. The session will explore water management tools and guides developed for industry to reduce water consumption and wastewater whilst fostering monetary and environmental benefits.

Water is a scarce resource and South Africa is a water-stressed country. The inefficient use of water results in a loss of profit due to increasing operational costs and has a significant impact on the environment. This necessitates collaborative efforts to achieve zero waste and implement sustainable water usage practices. The NCPC-SA through the Industrial Water Efficiency (IWE) project capacitates industry to stop and prevent water losses.

In line with the NCPC-SA strategic objective to facilitate the transition of the South African economy to an inclusive, low carbon and climate-resilient economy, the IWE project aims to contribute to the sustainable transformation of industrial water usage practices.

Who should attend:

  • Government personnel and municipality managers
  • RECP personnel and water stewardship organisations
  • Water dependent industries

The benefits of attending the workshop are:  

  • An opportunity to participate in preserving water and restoring the integrity of the environment.
  • Learn practical, effective, and best practices to manage and address water inefficiencies and losses.
  • Empower employees to play their part in improving the company’s water footprint.
  • Raise the awareness of water management in the workplace.

Event details:

Date: Thursday, 17 February 2022
Time: 09:00 – 12:00
Venue / Platform: MS Teams Link


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