Industrial Symbiosis Tool – Use the app to find what you need or offer what you have

The NCPC-SA currently makes use of the internationally recognised SYNERGie®4.0 software platform to find a ‘have’ for your ‘need’ – or, conversely, a ‘need’ for your ‘have’.

To become a member of this large network of companies benefiting from Industrial Symbiosis, simply download the SYNERGie®4.0 application onto your laptop or desktop computer and follow the prompts.

Once you have downloaded the application, you can expect the following prompts (it takes a few minutes to register – quicker than reading our blow-by-blow process below, but we did want to be thorough…).

Download the app:

Google Play:


Apple (tries to open iTunes on your machine):

App prompts: 

  1. Launch the application
  2. Select the option to ‘Create a new account’
  3. Enter the company’s name
  4. Select the Standard Industry Classification (SIC) menu
  5. In the ‘Search’ field, type your company’s classification (e.g. wood, paper etc.)
  6. A list of SIC codes and descriptions will appear – select the one closest to your company (you can only select one)
  7. Click ‘Done’
  8. In the fields given, complete your company address and your contact details
  9. Click ‘Confirm’
  10. The next screen will feature your username and ask you to create your password
  11. Once you have entered a password and confirmed it, a pop-up will ask you to read and accept the terms and conditions of using the application
  12. The next pop-up will say that the action of creating the account is complete and to check your email
  13. You will receive an email to verify your account; for this you will:
    1. Login in with your username received and password created
    2. Enter the verification code from the email in the field provided
    3. Select ‘OK’
  14. Now the ball is in the court of the NCPC-SA’s Industrial Symbiosis practitioners who must formally activate the account once they have ensured the information is correct. This will either happen via email or a phone call.

Once you have received the green light from the Industrial Symbiosis practitioner, you can go ahead and search the database for resources you need or list those you have available. The application will highlight synergies, inform you and the relevant other company, and the rest is up to you.

Have a question or need assistance? Please contact us. Making use of this tool is an incredible opportunity to benefit industry as well as South Africa’s sustainability imperatives – we would love to help you to make it work!

Please email our IS Programme team or for general enquiries at