Technical Support

The NCPC-SA will attempt to meet the needs of companies through relevant technical solutions in engineering, environmental management and sustainability.

We will engage companies in an initial discussion or “pre-visit questionnaire” to determine the need. The discussion will also determine if there is scope for intervention.

Services offered could include:

RECP assessments

  • By assessing the potential for improvements in water, energy and waste, the NCPC-SA aims to guide the company towards implementation of the identified interventions.
  • One of our experts will come onsite and conduct the assessment with company staff.
  • A comprehensive report will be made available that will highlight opportunities for improvements, potential savings as well as any capital investment that may be needed.

Measurement & Verification

  • Before implementing energy or water interventions, we will assist with a baseline – taking measurements so improvements can be determined later on.
  • If your company has implemented energy or water interventions, and you have a baseline from before the projects, we will gladly help measure and record the savings.
  • Verified savings are captured in our database to allow for sector analyses and national baseline models.

 12L and other finance or tax incentive applications

  • In addition to general M&V support, we can also provide a report suitable for submission to Sanedi for the 12l energy efficiency incentive.
  • Technical reports can also be provided for other finance applications.
  • Bankable business solutions for energy projects.

Industrial Symbiosis Synergy support

  • We can assist in the identification of waste that could potentially be an input material for another company. If you have already identified a waste stream, we will come and verify it.
  • The NCPC-SA IS team then capture it on our customised system and look for possible solution providers.
  • We will then match you with the solution provider and monitor / assist the situation until the exchange has been made.
  • We will calculate the savings in carbon, landfill diversion and finances from the synergy.