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The Fan System Optimisation (FSO) Introductory course will introduce candidates to key terms and concepts of Fan Systems Optimisation. The “systems approach” to optimization will be discussed as well as the different types of fans, their uses in specific situations; impeller types and how it affects the fan performance of fans as well as fan control methods and their advantages and disadvantages. Fundamental concepts such as pressure, flow, power and efficiency will be explained and a general understanding of fan curves and system curves will be established. Areas for efficiency improvement will be discussed as well as the prioritization of these opportunities.  The target audience for this course includes any candidate (technical or non-technical) that is involved or may potentially be involved with fan systems and wants to get a basic understanding of fan systems optimization. This course is the first step in the FSO discipline and for those with further interest can be followed by the FSO End User course and the FSO Expert course.

Please note: An additional day will be added to the booking for tests.



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