Engineering News feature – 3 March 2022

With water scarcity and a need to conserve water being topical across the world, the National Cleaner Production Centre South Africa’s (NCPC-SA’s) Water Efficiency Online Workshop, held on February 17, was oversubscribed.

The workshop covered easy-to-use tools and guides developed by the NCPC-SA alongside their partners, the International Finance Corporation (IFC) and the Council for Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR) Water Research Centre.

The NCPC-SA facilitates the transition of South African industry to an inclusive, low carbon and climate-resilient economy through programmes such as the Industrial Water Efficiency (IWE) project, which contributes to the sustainable transformation of industrial water use practices.

The workshop, which introduced several water tools for the benefit of businesses and the environment, was recorded to allow access by any company that was not able to attend.


The Water Efficiency Sector Guide is an “easy-to-follow toolkit that will help companies to decrease their company water footprint and increase profitability, as well as sustainably within the company”, according to NCPC-SA project manager Lindani Ncwane, who presented at the workshop earlier this month.

This guide, he explains, presents five recommendations to achieve this, namely stopping water losses and improving housekeeping, operational change, recovering condensate, reusing water and harvesting rainwater.

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