Eco-Industrial Parks Tools for Industry

The NCPC-SA and UNIDO have developed an ever-growing set of tools for industrial parks, their tenants and policy makers. The purpose of the tools and guides is to provide free resources that will aid in the transition of parks to the EIP model.

The Eco-Industrial Park (EIP) approach has proven successful in scaling up resource productivity and improving economic, environmental and social performances of businesses in shared geographical locations. We hope these tools will prove a useful resource and guide. Please contact us for further assistance in this important journey by emailing

Eco-Industrial Parks Implementation support material

Eco-Industrial Park Access-to-Finance Tool for South Africa

The EIP A-2-F tool is a practical step-by-step guide that aims to assist park management entities and tenant companies to identify, review and access available financing options for feasible EIP initiatives for their industrial parks.

Specific objectives:

  • Provide an overview of different types of financing mechanisms and their overall applicability to EIP initiatives
  • Provide overall guidance on how to successfully access different types of financing options
  • Facilitate exercises to identify available financing options internationally
  • Facilitate exercises to identify available financing options nationally
  • Direct park management and companies to relevant website(s) and contact details of identified financing options to access detailed information and take next steps

Other available tools

Resources of the Global EIP Programme in South Africa (GEIPP-SA)

The Global Eco-Industrial Parks Programme aims to drive the implementation of EIP practices in industrial parks. The NCPC-SA has the capacity to support a selection of parks as part of the project, but would wish to see the principles of EIP being implemented in all commercial and industrial parks and zones.

In pursuit of this goal, the NCPC-SA and partners have produced the following tools for South African park management and tenant companies. The information pieces can be downloaded as individual fliers or a complete set in a book format.

Other international resources:


This toolbox is a practical set of spreadsheets designed for capturing and understanding data. The tools are made possible through the GLobal Eco-Industrial Parks Programme (GEIPP), implemented internationally by UNIDO.

The objectives of the UNIDO EIP Toolbox are to:

  • Provide a practical set of customised and flexible tools to assist practitioners with the development and implementation of eco-industrial parks and related initiatives; and
  • Support EIP implementation and decision making processes in relation to existing and new industrial parks.

Download the Manual for UNIDO Toolbox on Eco-Industrial Parks

The EIP Toolbox is available to download as a set of spreadsheets.

    1. EIP Selection Tool
    2. EIP Policy Support Tool
    3. EIP Assessment Tool
    4. Industrial Symbiosis Identification Tool
    5. RECP Monitoring Tool
    6. EIP Opportunities Monitoring

Other useful tools on EIPs:

Implementation Handbook for Eco-Industrial Parks

An an International Framework for Eco-industrial Parks (UNIDO, World Bank, GIZ)