Biogas Systems Optimisation

The Biogas Systems Optimisation course is aimed at developers of small-scale biogas projects, including farmers that focus on animal husbandry or intensive horticulture, commercial and public businesses, eco-industrial parks, etc.

The end user course is a higher level learning workshop and will cover topics such as:

  • Overview of Biochemistry and raw materials in the biogas field
  • Potential usage of biogas
  • Circular economy aspects
  • Biogas project development
  • Health, safety and environmental aspects
  • Biogas plant operations

Our upcoming courses:

Biogas System Optimisation

9 – 12 November 2020

CPD Accreditation

All NCPC-SA courses are accredited by ECSA and CPD letters will be issued to candidates that attend all sessions of a particular course. Attendance will be monitored via the video function of the on-line training platform.


Candidates will have an option to write a test at the end of the training. The test is not compulsory, however, NCPC-SA certificates of competence will only be issued to candidates who pass the test with a minimum score of 70%.

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