Energy Management 101

The Energy Management 101 course is a general introduction to the energy field and energy system optimisation, and is recommended for those entering the NCPC-SA suite of training programmes.

The basic concepts and principles of energy is presented, and will provide delegates with the necessary background to perform calculations in the energy field.

Highlights of the course include:

  • legal and legislative systems considerations in energy systems
  • fundamentals of electrical power
  • thermal systems
  • performance measurement in energy systems
  • how to analyse your electrical bill

The EM101 can be completed before or after any End User training, and is a pre-requisite to gain entry to any Expert Level training.

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Energy Management 101

25-28 July 2022

CPD Accreditation

All NCPC-SA courses are accredited by ECSA and CPD letters will be issued to candidates that attend all sessions of a particular course. Attendance will be monitored via the video function of the on-line training platform.


Candidates will have an option to write a test at the end of the training. The test is not compulsory, however, NCPC-SA certificates of competence will only be issued to candidates who pass the test with a minimum score of 70%.

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