Resource Efficiency and Cleaner Production

Resource Efficient and Cleaner Production (RECP) can be defined as a systematic and integrated approach to managing energy, water, environmental and financial resources, eliminating or minimising waste and emissions to the environment, on a sustainable and cost-effective basis.

RECP methodologies look at enhancing the means to meet human needs while respecting the ecological carrying capacity of the earth by producing more well being with less material consumption.

RECP is measured by the reduction of the resource use and the environmental impact from materials, emissions, and accidental releases per unit of production, trade, and consumption of goods and services over their full life cycles.

The End User course equips trainees with the knowledge, understanding and tools that will enable them to initiate the development and implementation of RECP.

Our upcoming courses

RECP End User Training 

CPD Accreditation

All NCPC-SA courses are accredited by ECSA and CPD letters will be issued to candidates that attend all sessions of a particular course. Attendance will be monitored via the video function of the on-line training platform.


Candidates will have an option to write a test at the end of the training. The test is not compulsory, however, NCPC-SA certificates of competence will only be issued to candidates who pass the test with a minimum score of 70%.

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