Fans System Optimisation

FSO Introductory Course

The Fan System Optimisation (FSO) Introductory course will introduce candidates to key terms and concepts of Fan Systems Optimisation. The “systems approach” to optimization will be discussed as well as the different types of fans, their uses in specific situations; impeller types and how it affects the fan performance of fans as well as fan control methods and their advantages and disadvantages. Fundamental concepts such as pressure, flow, power and efficiency will be explained and a general understanding of fan curves and system curves will be established. Areas for efficiency improvement will be discussed as well as the prioritization of these opportunities.  The target audience for this course includes any candidate (technical or non-technical) that is involved or may potentially be involved with fan systems and wants to get a basic understanding of fan systems optimization. This course is the first step in the FSO discipline and for those with further interest can be followed by the FSO End User course and the FSO Expert course.

FSO End User Course

The Fan System Optimisation (FSO) End User course is aimed at candidates that have a basic understanding of fan systems (either through field experience or by attending the FSO Introductory course). This course shortly recaps the Introductory course concepts and then continues with more depth on fan performance curves, fan selection and manufacturers data. A detailed explanation of fan control methods, their advantages and disadvantages will be followed by the introduction of Fan System Assessment Tool (FSAT). Measurement techniques and equipment will be introduced and the effects of different control methods demonstrated using the fans test rig (face to face training). The course culminates with the identification and comparison of potential savings and development of a business case for implementation of these savings opportunities.

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CPD Accreditation

All NCPC-SA courses are accredited by ECSA and CPD letters will be issued to candidates that attend all sessions of a particular course. Attendance will be monitored via the video function of the on-line training platform.


Candidates will have an option to write a test at the end of the training. The test is not compulsory, however, NCPC-SA certificates of competence will only be issued to candidates who pass the test with a minimum score of 70%.