Industrial Water System Optimisation (IWSO)

Industrial Water System Optimisation (IWSO) utilises the systems approach to provide solutions to minimize water consumption while simultaneously improving energy efficiency. Thus, offering solutions to optimize the water-energy nexus within Industrial facilities. Numerous options are evaluated as sources to generate power while wastewater treatment facilities could potentially achieve net-zero targets, thereby, reducing Green House Gas (GHG) emissions.

Day 1: Industrial Cooling System Optimisation

  • Fundamentals of various cooling systems – wet vs. dry cooling, hybrid cooling systems
  • Chemical treatment of cooling water
  • Maximising cooling system water utilisation
  • Minimizing energy losses – heat exchanger optimisation
  • Cooling system control and chemical treatment parameters
  • Water recovery from cooling systems – blowdown, evaporative losses
  • Water requirement for power generation – coal, nuclear, renewable energy

Day 2: Industrial Steam and Refrigeration System Optimisation

  • Water treatment requirements for steam generation
  • Boiler make-up water treatment processes – softener, demineralization, electrodeionisation (EDI)
  • Chemical treatment requirements and operating parameters of boiler water
  • Improving energy efficiency of steam generating systems

Day 3: Industrial Wastewater Treatment and Water Recovery for Reuse Systems

  • Types of wastewaters – organic or inorganic effluents
  • Discharge standards required to discharge to sewer or the environment
  • Biological wastewater treatment processes – aerobic and anaerobic processes and pretreatment requirements.
  • Physico-chemical treatment processes – coagulation, sedimentation, dissolved air flotation (DAF), filtration, pretreatment requirements and sludge disposal.
  • Desalination technologies for water recovery and reuse and brine disposal options.

The course aims at providing the attendees with the following:

  • Fundamental knowledge of the industrial systems that consumes water.
  • Optimisation of these systems considering the energy water nexus.
  • Fundamental knowledge of industrial wastewater, organic and inorganic effluents
  • Base knowledge of the processes employed in industrial effluent plants.
  • Fundamental knowledge of the fit-for-purpose technologies employed to treat water for specific processes

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Industrial Water System Optimisation (IWSO)

Industrial Water System Optimisation (IWSO)

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